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Why choose us?!
You may have heard of the “It takes a Village” phrase. You may recall when you were younger your parents, grandparents or even great grandparents telling you stories on how the entire neighborhood watched after each other. Then there was a village, a community established amongst each other. Unfortunately, in present time this is no longer the case. No one really has the “hands on approach” with children in the afterschool care environment any longer. Candice Scales wanted a program that wasn’t “traditional” She wanted a program that was like family and a community that would challenge her children to explore not only creativity a program that would guide her children on making the right decisions and how to handle peer pressure. There are many programs that are focused on STEM and the Arts. Candice Scales wanted a program that was a little different than what’s being offered. She wanted a program that was more so centered around mentoring and life skills! A program that created memories that her children will forever cherish. A program that was like family.

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GCYA is accepting registration for afterschool

Meet our Counselors

Ms. Martha

Youth Counselor/

Admin. Support


Mr. Kelvon

Youth Counselor


Mrs. Candice


I'm a skilled and experienced babysitter, tutor, and friend. I love children and enjoy seeing them grow up.

I am a responsible, kind and loving person who is always willing to go the extra mile

Philanthropist at heart I love to foster the creativity of children and youth by opening the doors to creative learning opportunities. 



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